Degree and Certificate Programs in Cybersecurity

Full Time
Cumberland, MD
Industry: Computer & Network Security
Areas of Interest: Computer Network Defense (CND) Analysis, Computer Network Defense (CND) Infrastructure Support, Cyber Operations, Information Systems Security Operations/Officer, Systems Security Analysis, Systems Security Architecture
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Allegany College of Maryland, a leader in education and workforce development.
Cybersecurity is a fast-growing and high-paying career field with over 400,000 jobs in the U.S. Allegany College of Maryland offers online classes, flexible schedules, and financial aid to those who qualify. Jumpstart your career today! Spring enrollment opens November 6th. Visit or call 301-784-5328 to learn more.

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Allegany College of Maryland, a leader in education and workforce development, is committed to preparing IT professionals and students to combat cyber threats and keep American families, communities, and businesses safe. With the demand for cybersecurity experts growing faster than ever, our degree and certificate programs prepare students to enter the workforce ready to combat cyber threats and begin a rewarding career in cybersecurity.
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