Malware Protection Researcher

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Boston, MA
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Innovative, revolutionary and dynamic engineers apply here!

Barkly is looking for a special kind of malware researcher.  We are a well-funded, early-stage endpoint protection company delivering the strongest, most accurate protection with a simplicity that gives us the lowest management overhead in the industry.  We’ve developed a new approach, called Responsive Machine Learning to drive protection that uniquely block exploits, fileless, and file-based attacks.

We are looking for an experienced Malware Researcher who knows how to unwind the technical trail of malware, and who wants to step up to the challenge of imagining and creating new ways to identify those attacks before they hurt our customers.  Maybe you’ve been doing incident response or providing your expertise as a SOC analyst.  You know how to dig into malware and attacks to see how they perform, and you’d like to help to advance the Barkly solution which is stopping attacks before they cause the harm that you are usually cleaning up.  As a member of the Research team, you will bring your malware expertise and insights on malware trends, changes, and common techniques to key stakeholders on the product, engineering, marketing, sales, and customer success teams.


  • Identify, profile and reverse engineer malware software with an eye towards behaviors and data transformations that they invoke
  • Apply your experience and research to creating logical areas for additional malware research to improve machine learning model and rule development
  • Document your research and findings as clear and comprehensible inputs to the research and engineering efforts at Barkly
  • Lead efforts to identify, validate, and characterize new sources of malware in order to continually refresh Barkly’s understanding of the newest and most prevalent attacks
  • Stay abreast on the latest threats, vectors, and tools
  • Work closely with Customer Success, Marketing, and Product teams to leverage new discoveries, and create and publish findings


This is your dream job if you:

  • Have passion for cybersecurity, identifying the roots of malicious attacks and protecting victims
  • Are creative and curious about the best ways to block the most malware, while minimizing any instances of false positive results
  • Are interested in the application of machine learning techniques and automation to create the strongest and most accurate protection available
  • Are a good communicator with strong deductive reasoning and the ability to follow issues to a single conclusion in a constrained amount of time
  • Thrive in a fast-paced work environment with ambitious goals and tight deadlines

Technical Requirements:

  • Degree in Computer Science or related discipline
  • 5-10 years of Malware or Threat research as a primary or secondary job function
  • A current or very recent role as a SOC Analyst, Incident Responder, or Malware Researcher
  • Expert knowledge of malware analysis tools such as IDA Pro, OllyDgb, or Yara
  • Demonstrable experience with bash, scripting languages, or automation technologies
  • Solid systems level understanding of Windows Operating System internals and how they are abused and subverted by malware and malicious actors
  • Knowledge of programming and scripting languages, in particular, Python
  • Fundamental understanding of attributes of binary files such as imports/exports and packers

Excellent Additional Experience

  • Background in research with published/original work in the field, whether as a conference presenter or a community contributor
  • Deep familiarity with Cuckoo or other sandboxing environments
  • Experience with Windows kernel and user-space API’s, and an understanding of their differences
  • C/C++, Assembly language programming, and debugging experiences
  • Familiarity with distinguishing characteristics of popular malware families
  • Experience with Postgres/Splunk/Elastic Search
  • Frequent exposure to threat intelligence data or services
  • Experience with deep dives into malware packages and the ability to identify trends across large-scale malware result data sets

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Barkly is Runtime Malware Defense- a completely new approach to endpoint protection. Barkly's protection operates at runtime to provide an entirely new line of of defense that is complementary to pre-execution protection such as traditional AV and next-generation AV. Our runtime approach, which utilizes advanced machine learning, enables us to address critical threats that other solutions don't such as fileless malware and zero-days. Barkly is the first endpoint protection solution to use a multi-tenant SaaS service combined with local endpoint protection. Through this unique approach we are able to improve the strength and quality of protection in addition to the customer experience.

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