Security Engineer, Information Security

Full Time
San Francisco, California
Industry: Internet
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At Pinterest, you’ll build a product that inspires millions of people to be more creative, every day. One that helps them discover things they love, and go do them in real life. 

Come make history with the brightest, most curious people from every discipline. We've only just begun.


This position will be responsible for defining and evolving the information security roadmap for Pinterest.  We’re in a hyper-growth environment, and we need the leadership of experienced security engineers to ensure we can scale our business.  This is the first Information Security role at Pinterest, so this is an opportunity for big impact.  This role has a strong emphasis on collaboration, coordination, advocacy, and mentoring. You'll share our passion for engineering solutions to complex security problems, while minimizing employee friction and maximizing productivity.

What you'll do :
  • Develop our threat detection and security incident response capabilities
  • Design our outsourcing policies, and build a channel for us to safely work with third-party vendors
  • Build a Red Team, assessment, and penetration testing program for our internal services
  • Ensure that our business processes are vetted from a risk and compliance perspective
  • Design and build our internal identity services. Create a modern identity system that optimizes for high security, low friction, and automation
What we're looking for :
  • Ability to develop tools using an interpreted programming language (Python, Ruby, etc.)
  • Architect and design as well as be hands-on and implement
  • Extensive knowledge of internet security issues and the threat landscape
  • Security generalist with meaningful experience in OS internals, on-prem and SaaS applications, network security, key and identity management, and authentication systems
  • Experience conducting offensive research and Red Team operations

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First launched in 2010, Pinterest's mission is to help people discover things they love, and inspire them to do those things in their daily lives. 
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